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For reservations, please contact the clinic nearest you. Please see here for each clinic’s hours of operation.

  • Tonglo
  • Plomphon
  • Ekamai

On Thursday 8/9/2022, all branches will be close for staff training

On Thursday 8/9/2022, all branches will be close for staff training. We can’t receive your call. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please text to Line or Facebook messenger. We will reply on Friday 9th.


J-CLINIC website for 3 branches’ line QR codes.

Please kindly let us know about your information, when you make an appointment via line.

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Have you ever been to J-CLINIC? (Yes/No)

4. Preferred treatment

Physical therapy/Acupuncture/Facial Acupuncture/Cupping/Traditional Chinese Medicine/Don’t know

5. Your symptoms or condition

6. Do you need a medical certificate?

To file a claim with your insurance, you will need to see a doctor and request a medical certificate (B200 per certificate ). We do not offer direct billing service. Please see our insurance FAQ for more information.

7. When and what time would you like to make an appointment?

Our Staff will reply to you soon! (Our reception hour:9:00-18:30)


Thank you!