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Offering a Rainy Season Promo!

It’s rainy season in Bangkok!

Many people complain of feeling poorly when the barometer readings are low, before and during rainfalls.

Symptoms vary and can include headache, grogginess, neck and shoulder aches, lower backache, swelling, sciatica, and join pains.

One explanation is that the high humidity leads to swelling, placing pressure on old scars and thus causing pain. Others suggest that the low atmospheric pressure makes blood vessels swell and fat cells expand , which in turn aggravates muscles and nerves, leading to pain.

Bangkok’s rainy season is a long one, usually lasting from June to October. If you’re feeling under the weather, then why not pop over to J-CLINIC for a body tune-up and get refreshed?

We’re now offering a Rainy Season Promo, where you’ll get 1 free session if you buy a physical therapy coupon set. Don’t miss this offer!

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