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Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment


Assessment interview

For muscle problems, we will check the movable range and area/point of pain. For gynecological issues, internal diseases and neuropathy, we will check your body balance from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective.

We will then suggest the best treatment for you, combining Western and Oriental medicine.



Using disposal extra-thin needles (0.10-0.25mm) with needle pipe makes acupuncture treatment virtually painless. It can work deep inside of your body and reduce muscle strain or pain.

Acupuncture is effective not only for muscle problems, but also for visceral diseases, gynecological issues, and nervous symptoms.

<Target symptoms>

Orthopedic diseases such as back-, elbow-, shoulder- and neck-pain, anorexia, insomnia, headache, bloating, gastrointestinal problems, reflux gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, irregular periods, infertility, postpartum disorder, menopausal symptoms, sensitivity to cold, constipation, allergic rhinitis, tinnitus, Bell’s palsy, panic disorder, autonomic imbalance, eye strain, facial sagging/wrinkles and dull skin etc.



We use three kinds of moxa-roll moxa, dot moxa and salt moxa-depending on your condition. Moxibustion gently stimulates acupressure points, so is best for sensitive or pregnant patients.

<Target symptoms>

Stiff shoulders, bloating, sensitivity to cold, constipation, gastric disease, irregular periods, insomnia, autonomic imbalance, etc.


Cupping therapy

The vacuum in the cup pulls stagnant blood to the surface of the body and improves blood circulation. It helps flush out waste matter and eases stiff shoulders or back pain caused by poor circulation.

<Target symptoms>

Stiff shoulders or back pain caused by poor circulation, headache, malaise, autonomic imbalance, etc.


Thai herbal sauna

Herbal sauna originates from Thai traditional medicine for postnatal women. The steam of nine herbs such as turmeric, tamarind and lemongrass warms the pelvis and works on gynecological issues.

<Target symptoms>

Postnatal symptoms, gynecological symptoms, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, etc.


Chinese herbal medicine

A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine will diagnose your symptoms and prescribe customized Chinese herbal medicine. The medicine is in powder form, made from extracts of medicinal herbs (crude drugs). Compared to decoctions made by boiling the herbs, powder has less odor and bitterness. It’s also easier to carry. You’ll be prescribed one to two weeks’ supply, depending on your symptoms.

<Target symptoms>

Various internal diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, neurological diseases, defecation disorder  , constipation, allergic rhinitis, reflux gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual pain, infertility, postpartum disorder, menopausal disorders, and others.


Post-treatment debriefing and advice

Following treatment, we will explain your current condition to you, and suggest a custom-made plan. Please feel free to ask any questions during this consultation.