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Physical therapy treatment


Assessment interview

We will check your body balance and movable range to assess your condition. After diagnosing the causes of your symptoms, we will suggest the best course of treatment for you.


Musculoskeletal ultrasound exams

We use ultrasound to determine the condition of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. It allows us to identify what areas are inflamed, injured, or ruptured.

Frequently Asked Questions about ultrasound exams


Manual therapy

We will select the treatment technique that will most effectively relieve your symptoms.

Trigger point massage

‘Trigger points’ are spots where deep muscles which support the body have hardened into knots, due to poor posture and other strains. When such knots worsen, the pain can spread from the isolated points to other parts of your body. Trigger point massage releases these knots, and is effective for treating such symptoms as sciatic pain and numbness.

Motion & manipulation (M&M)

Our unique treatment uses movement to help loosen muscles that have stiffened into ‘trigger points’. This method allows faster release of the trigger points, and is thus most effective for treating frozen shoulders and knee pains.

Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization restores the range of motion in stiffened joints. This technique relieves the pain by returning the original freedom of movement to your joint. It is particularly effective for rehabilitation after surgery.


Electric therapy

We select and apply effective electric therapy that best suits your symptoms.

High-voltage electric therapy

Our combination therapy machine is the latest in treatment equipment: It eases the tension of surface muscle layers using high-voltage electricity, while using ultrasonic waves to unravel deep muscles which cannot be reached by hand.
By promoting cell repair, this therapy speeds up recovery from injury and relieves pain. It is highly effective for sciatic pain, sprained lower back, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sprains, muscle strain, Osgood disease, rehabilitation after surgery, and others.

Interference therapy

We remove pain by applying electricity to tense muscles. Interference therapy is effective for relieving chronic stiff shoulders and lower back pain.



Acupuncture improves blood flow to the stiff muscle tissue that is causing you pain and limiting your range of motion. The improved blood flow will flush out the pain-producing substances collecting in the stiff areas. It also relieves tension in joints and muscle ligaments, giving you better a range of motion and relief from pain.

*Acupuncture is treated by a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture fee (spot treatment)


Taping, supporters and medication


As required by symptoms, we offer taping treatment. We use ‘Kinesio  tape’, which stretches and contracts with your muscles. Taping is effective for relieving pain from strained back and stiff shoulders, functional recovery of hardened joints due to lower back pain, reducing swelling from sprains and muscles and internal bleeding, recovery of muscle fatigue from sports.

Supporters made in Japan

We can prescribe Japanese-made supporters for symptoms such as sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis , strained back, and hallux valgus. We offer a selection of supporters that not only help the joints, but fit your personal lifestyle, such as those providing daily-life comfort, or do not get in the way when playing sports.


If you have severe pain from acute symptoms or if inflammation is strong, we can prescribe medication. The medication aims to alleviate your symptoms in combination with manual therapy and electrotherapy.


Advice for stretching / training

Treatment can remove your pain but the same issues can recur without proper exercise or stretching. Our physiotherapist will advise you on effective muscle training or stretching exercises, based on your stage of healing, and on how to maintain good posture.


Post-treatment debriefing

After your session, our therapist will debrief you about the treatment, your current condition, and future treatment plan.