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At J-CLINIC, we aim to treat the root causes of your backache, frozen shoulder, and sciatica, to remove the pain and prevent recurrences.
Please call and visit us if you are seeking treatment for your physical problems.

Japanese-run physical therapy and acupuncture clinic

J-CLINIC is a Japanese-run physical therapy and acupuncture clinic in Bangkok. We offer Japanesestyle treatments and services through 3 clinics in the Sukhumvit area, run by Japanese and Thai managers. Our mission is to bring you treatment that produces results, trustworthy communication, and moving hospitality.

Japanese’s Manager

The J-CLINIC Staff

Our teams consist of medical doctors, physiotherapists, Thai traditional medical staff and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.
The medical doctors are experts of bone and muscle. They can assess your symptoms and give you advice and treatment for the best results.
The physiotherapists are experts of trigger-point massage, motion, manipulation, mobilization and of using machines such as ultrasound and interference.
The Thai traditional medical staff are experts in knowledge of relaxing muscles, massage, motion, manipulation and posture adjustment.
By combining Thai and Japanese traditional therapies, we can provide you with the most effective treatment.

Physiotherapist, Thai traditional medical staff, Doctor

Japanese-style hospitality

J-CLINIC offers Japanese-quality hospitality, because we want our patients from around the world to experience Japan’s renowned “hospitality culture” at our clinic. Health is not only about treating the physical body. We hope our excellent service will soothe your mind and help you get well, body and soul.

Japanese style service
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