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Traditional Chinese medicine and
acupuncture course

Cosmetic care course

Facial acupuncture and gua sha (jade stone massage) can help lift the face line without chemicals.
Natural anti-aging treatment increases blood circulation to reduce wrinkles, sagging and dullness.
 Facial acupuncture can promote the activation of collagen and elastin when the skin recovers from the prick of an extra-thin needle (0.1mm), which then relaxes tense muscles that cause wrinkles and work on lifting the face line. Gua sha moves lymphatic fluids and improves blood circulation. It can be effective for reducing wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and facial bloating.

  • 1.Cosmetic care course

    For anti-aging, against wrinkles, sagging, dullness and fine lines. Our cosmetic care improves the metabolism of the skin and stimulates the natural essential beauty of skin.

    Facial cleansing→Facial acupuncture→Gua sha→Pack and cream

We also provide electronic facial acupuncture (+300B) on the face line, which can provide a strong lift to the face line.

Organic cosmetics made in Thailand are used in this course. If you have sensitive skin, please ask us before booking.

Please bring your own make-up or sunblock if you go out after treatment.