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Traditional Chinese medicine and
acupuncture course

Acupuncture course(can be combined with moxibustion, electric acupuncture, or both, depending on your condition.)  
Acupuncture makes use of natural healing power and improves your problems.

Using disposal extra-thin needles (0.10-0.25mm) with needle pipe makes acupuncture treatment virtually painless. It can work deep inside of your body and reduce muscle strain or pain. Acupuncture is effective not only for muscle problems, but also for visceral diseases, gynecological issues, and nervous symptoms.

Acupuncture can treat for orthopedic diseases such as back-, elbow-, shoulder- and neck-pain, anorexia, insomnia, headache, bloating, gastrointestinal problems, reflux gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, irregular periods, infertility, postpartum disorder, menopausal symptoms, sensitivity to cold, constipation, allergic rhinitis, tinnitus, Bell’s palsy, panic disorder, autonomic imbalance, etc.

Cosmetic care courseFacial acupuncture and gua sha (jade stone massage) can help lift the face line without chemicals.

Natural anti-aging treatment increases blood circulation to reduce wrinkles, sagging and dullness.

Facial acupuncture can promote the activation of collagen and elastin when the skin recovers from the prick of an extra-thin needle (0.1mm), which then relaxes tense muscles that cause wrinkles and work on lifting the face line. Gua sha moves lymphatic fluids and improves blood circulation. It can be effective for reducing wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and facial bloating.

Organic cosmetics made in Thailand are used in this course. If you have sensitive skin, please ask us before booking.

Please bring your own make-up or sunblock if you go out after treatment.


Facial cleansing→Facial acupuncture→Gua sha→Pack and cream

Recommended optional treatments

Electronic facial acupuncture (+300B )
It can provide a strong lift to the face line.
Moxibustion (+100B )
For treatment, moxa will be placed on your stomach. Warming the belly improves blood circulation, which will brighten your complexion.

Lift-up correction beauty acupuncture courseDirect to the skin, muscles, and bones! Special facelift course for a youthful look

Recommended for anyone worried about facial sagging or wrinkles, or who just wants a natural facelift.

Most effective on common age-related issues such as bloating and fine lines that self-care can’t fix, as well as dullness and sagging jaw lines.

<Skin> Stimulate collagen production and skin regeneration with beauty acupuncture.
<Muscles> Relax stiff muscles and create a powerful facial lift with detox massage and electro-acupuncture.
<Skeletal structure> Correct distortions along the cheeks, eyebrows, and the outer corner of the eyes through bone massage for a more symmetric, well-defined, beautiful face.

You can keep your makeup on during treatment.

If you are new to facial acupuncture or are sensitive to stimulation, please consult our staff first.

Bone massage involves pushing on your facial bones and pulling up the muscles of your face, which some people may find painful. Please tell our therapist immediately if the pain is too much.


Facelift massage→Facial acupuncture→Bone massage→Detox massage→Facial acupuncture + Electro-acupuncture

Recommended optional treatments

Moxibustion (+100B )
For treatment, moxa will be placed on your stomach. Warming the belly improves blood circulation, which will brighten your complexion.

Fertility treatment and pre/postpartum care courseThis course supports women from preparation for pregnancy to after delivery.
Treatments address infertility, poor health during pregnancy and after delivery, and breech presentation.

Pregnancy care

In addition to treating various pregnancy-related symptoms such as bloating, morning sickness, insomnia and breech baby, moxibustion can relieve, without medicine, general illnesses such as coughs, headaches and colds.

Postnatal care

Acupuncture supports recovery from postpartum conditions, such as lochia, stomachaches, bleeding, insomnia and postpartum depression. Includes moxibustion, depending on your condition.

Recommended optional treatments

Thai herbal sauna
(+300B )
Herbal sauna originates from Thai traditional medicine for postnatal women. The steam of nine herbs such as turmeric, tamarind and lemongrass warms the pelvis and works on gynecological issues. Recommended for those with poor circulation to the hands and feet.
Traditional Chinese medicine
Recommended for those with such symptoms as anemia, excessive sweating, night sweats, fatigue, depression, and high irritability. Depending on the symptoms, we can also prescribe traditional Chinese medicine to redress the loss of blood and qi  from giving birth.


We can support your body to become ‘ready for pregnancy’, including improving your constitution.

Anyone who wants to get pregnant is a target for this course. Making use of Chinese medicine in parallel to infertility treatments such as AI, IVF, ICSI can improve your success rate.

Recommended optional treatments

Traditional Chinese medicine
Recommended for those who do not have enough time before ovum collection or transplantation, or who are over 38 years old. Using both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, we will care for your body from the inside.
Thai herbal sauna
(+300B )
Recommended for those troubled by poor circulation. Improved blood circulation will better nourish the uterus; warming the body before and after your menstrual period promotes discharge of waste.

Mastitis and breastfeeding care courseAcupuncture and lactation massage combination treatment (no anti-inflammatory drugs)

For breastfeeding mothers suffering from clogged ducts or mastitis or breast milk shortage or who are engorged and find pumping painful: this course combines acupuncture and lactation massage for relief without using medications.  For moms trying to wean, acupuncture can help reduce inflammation and release the heat that tends to accumulate in the body.

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