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For reservations, please contact the clinic nearest you. Please see here for each clinic’s hours of operation.

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About Insurance


Can I use my health insurance for J-CLINIC treatments?
J-CLINIC cannot determine whether your insurance will cover your treatments at J-CLINIC. It is up to you to check with your insurance company before you come to J-CLINIC, whether your policy will cover the treatments.
When contacting your insurance company, please provide the following information:

  • That you plan to get treatment at J-CLINIC (please specify the branch: Phrom Phong, Thonglor, or Ekkamai)
  • Your symptoms
  • The name of the treatment you wish to receive (i.e., physical therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine prescription).
Do you offer direct billing?
No, direct billing is not available. Please settle your bill with J-CLINIC and then file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.
Information for Japanese patients日本人患者様の保険利用について
Can I get from J-CLINIC the documents I need to file an insurance claim?
Yes, we can provide the following documents:

  1. Medical certificate
  2. Initial medical report (includes diagnosis, name of treatment, pain scale assessment, number of treatments, etc.)
  3. Invoice

Please check with your insurance company if they require any other documents (e.g. claim forms, etc.).

What are the fees for issuing a medical certificate?
The fees are as follows:

  • Consultation with medical doctor or doctor of traditional Chinese medicine B700
    (consultation fee; includes initial medical report and medical certificate)

More details about treatment fees

If you need a medical certificate, please check the doctor’s schedule below and make an appointment.
Please note that under Thai law, we are unable to issue a medical certificate for sessions with only a therapist.

If you need a physical therapist’s certificate, please let our staff know when you make your appointment. For insurance purposes, you will need to check with your insurance company whether a physical therapist’s certificate can be used for claims. It’s our understanding that a medical certificate issued by a medical doctor is generally required, but J CLINIC is unable to determine the specifics of your policy.

I had physical therapy treatment. Can you issue a medical certificate for that session?
Under Thai law, we are only allowed to issue medical certificates for sessions with a medical doctor. Issuing a medical certificate without a doctor’s examination is a punishable act for the doctor and the medical institution. This means we unfortunately cannot issue a medical certificate for physical therapy sessions alone.

Medical Doctors’ Schedule

If you require a medical certificate for insurance or other purposes, please make an appointment to see the doctor.
* The above times and days may change without notice.

Phrom Phong Branch Thonglor Branch Ekkamai Branch
MON 10:00~16:00 10:00~13:00/17:00~19:00 10:00~16:00/17:00~19:00
TUE 10:00~16:00/


10:00~16:00/17:00~19:00 13:30~15:30/17:00~19:00
WED 13:30~16:30/17:00~19:00 13:00~16:00/17:00~19:00 11:00~16:00/17:00~19:00
THU 10:00~13:00/17:00~19:00 13:00~16:00 13:00~16:00/


FRI 13:00~16:00 10:30〜12:30/16:30~18:30 13:00 ~ 16:00
SAT 11:00~13:00/14:00~16:00/


11:00~13:00 / 14:00~16:00 11:00~13:00/14:00~16:00
SUN 11:00~13:00/14:00~16:00 11:00~13:00 / 14:00~16:00 11:00~13:00 / 14:00~16:00