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Community Service 2023 | J-CLINIC

J-CLINIC resumed our annual community service activity on May 29, 2023, after the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to take a four-year pause. This time we offered our treatments in the home village of one of our staff members, who has been with J-CLINIC for nine years.

We decided to work where our staff member was born and raised because J-CLINIC values the happiness of our staff’s families (it’s one of our company’s “five happinesses”).


Specifically, we wanted to

  1. make the most of our specialty: providing treatment

  2. provide treatment to people who would otherwise not be able to receive it

  3. treat our valued staff members’ loved ones, with gratitude

In the past, we volunteered at orphanages and nursing homes for the elderly (the last time was in 2019), but this was the first time we chose a place where our staff members’ families live.
We treated about 50 people in a special tent and made home visits for those who could not go out. The people from the village were happy to see us – as were we!
One of J-CLINIC’s core values is to make a positive impact on society, including through our annual community service activities.
Every member of our staff will continue to grow so we can bring smiles to the faces of communities in Thailand!