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First time getting acupuncture in Bangkok

Hi, this is LingLing from J-CLINIC in Bangkok. Today I want to talk our acupuncture service. It will help you understand our service, especially if it’s your first time getting acupuncture.

1. How acupuncture works
2. Does it hurt?
3. Safety and hygiene
4. Side effects
5. FAQs


1.How acupuncture works


Our bodies are equipped with natural healing power to cure illnesses and injuries. Acupuncture makes use of this power. When an extra-thin acupuncture needle is inserted into your body, the receiving cells recognize that the tissue has been damaged.


White blood cells gather to repair the broken tissue, while your body actively generates collagen and ceramide—essential components to protect the skin. Triggered by acupuncture, your body’s natural healing power stimulates body metabolism, improving blood circulation and helping to heal your physical state.


About 20 years ago, the US National Institutes of Health recognized acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating various diseases.


It is thought that stimulation by acupuncture acts on autonomic nerves and immunity to relieve muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, and boost the body’s natural healing power.


2.Does it hurt?

Some people think of pain when they think of needles, but acupuncture needles are hair-thin, unlike injection needles.



Our needles for the face are only 0.10mm in diameter and, for the body, 0.16mm, so very few patients find that they hurt.



We also use an acupuncture needle tube, a Japanese method which is said to cause less pain.


There are, however, individual differences in pain sensitivity, which also depend on each patient’s constitution and physical condition and where the needle is being inserted. If it is painful or you can’t stand it, please immediately tell the staff.


3.Safety and hygiene

Our clinic only uses disposable needles. We do not reuse needles.


4.Side effects

Acupuncture is said to have few side effects, but on rare occasions, dizziness or bruising may occur after treatment.


✓ Sleepiness, dullness, dizziness

Stimulation from acupuncture may cause drowsiness, dullness, and dizziness.
This is usually a sign that the acupuncture is working and your body condition is changing for the good. Such symptoms should subside within 1-2 days.



✓ Bruising

Some people experience bruising or feel pain where the needle was inserted.
There are individual differences in bruising, depending on your constitution, physical condition, and where the needle was inserted. Any bruises or pain should fade and disappear within a week or two of treatment.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or side effects after treatment.




Q.How often should I get treatment?

Although it depends on the individual’s constitution and symptoms, here are some general guidelines for how frequently you can get treatment.


🔶 Severe symptoms: 1-2 times a week
🔶 Mild symptoms: once a week or once every two weeks
🔶 Maintenance of health: Once every three weeks or once a month


Q. How long will the therapeutic effect last?

This will depend on the patient’s physical constitution and condition, but with regular treatment, your constitution will improve and it will be easier to maintain the therapeutic effect.

Ideally, you should continue treatment for about 3 months to fundamentally change and improve your physical constitution. And regular facial acupuncture treatment will help improve your skin, for longer-lasting effects.


Q. Can I receive acupuncture during my menstrual period?

Yes, you can. Acupuncture is also effective for menstrual pain and PMS.


Q. Do I need to remove my makeup for facial acupuncture?



If you’re just getting facial acupuncture, there’s no need for you to remove your makeup.
* For the beauty care course, you will need to take your makeup off before facial acupuncture and Gua sha massage. For the facelift course, there is no need to remove your makeup.


▼ Cosmetic care course



Any questions or want to reserve a spot? Call us (097-257-3577) or get in touch via Facebook or email.

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