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Your stiff shoulders and headaches are caused by uneven shoulder blades?

Hi, this is Ble from J-CLINIC Ekkamai branch in Bangkok. Today, I’d like to introduce a case of a woman in her 30s suffering from stiff shoulders and headaches due to uneven shoulder blades (scapula).

[A patient case]
Ms. Y (37 years old, one year in Thailand) has been suffering shoulder pain and headaches since her 20s. When she used to work in an office, she often sat at her desk all day and experienced fatigue, shallow breathing, and difficulties falling asleep or sleeping well.

Although Ms. Y no longer works long hours at the desk since moving to Bangkok with her husband, the frequent shoulder pain and headaches have returned, forcing her to rely on painkillers.

[J-CLINIC’s diagnosis]
The main cause of Ms. Y’s symptoms was her uneven shoulders, where the right shoulder blade was not aligned with the left. The misalignment tensed multiple muscles attached to the shoulder blades, causing stiff shoulders and headaches. In addition, the uneven shoulders affected her posture and distorted her pelvis.

Because her poor posture restricted the movement of her rib cage, Ms. Y could only take shallow breaths, limiting her oxygen intake. The resulting oxygen deficiency most likely triggered symptoms related to the autonomic nervous system, such as insomnia.

Given the causes, J-CLINIC’s treatment for Ms. Y comprised:
1. Moiré topography to check posture distortions
2. Massage to relax muscle tension
3. High-voltage electric therapy for pain relief
4. Motion & manipulation therapy to improve the motion of her shoulder blades
5. Advice on stretching and other exercises

▼ Moiré topography

▼ High-voltage electric therapy

With treatment, Ms. Y’s stiff shoulders and headaches have eased. She hardly needs painkillers, and she sleeps well at night. Ms. Y continues with maintenance treatment a few times a month while doing stretches regularly at home.

▼ Advice on stretching

Regularly moving the shoulder blades with the right stretches can:
・Prevent stiff shoulders and frozen shoulders
・Improve performance in sports such as golf
・Improve posture
・Create a beautiful back

If you stay in the same position for a long time, the muscles attached to the shoulder blades will tense, causing pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. When doing desk work or studying, we recommend that you take frequent breaks and do stretches for your shoulder blades.

If you already have pain, come to our clinic for a consultation.

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Your stiff shoulders and headaches are caused by uneven shoulder blades?
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