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(English) What causes herniated discs and back pain?

What causes herniated discs and back pain?

Hello, this is Ploy from the J-CLINIC Ekkmai branch in Bangkok. Today, I will talk about J-CLINIC’s treatment for a patient suffering from post-natal back pain, who came to us after being diagnosed at a hospital as having a herniated disc(slipped disc, disc herniation).

[A patient case]

Since giving birth, Ms. R (37 years old, 3 years in Thailand) felt distortion in her pelvis, but because the pain wasn’t strong, she left it untreated.

One year later, Ms. R was struck with debilitating back pain that prevented her from standing up straight. She had an MRI at a hospital, where she was diagnosed with a herniated disc.

The hospital treated her with medication (analgesics) and injections (e.g., nerve block injections), which temporarily reduced the pain. However, the pain returned, and Ms. R came to J-CLINIC for a second opinion.

[Patient’s symptoms]

At the time of her J-CLINIC visit, Ms. R:
・ Could only stand leaning towards the left side because of the pain
・ Had numbness on the back of both thighs
・ Found it difficult to sleep on her back or to walk

[J-CLINIC’s diagnosis]

We diagnosed Ms. R as suffering from back pain due to pelvic distortion and weakness of the abdominal muscles, rather than a herniated disc.

Not only does the pelvis open during childbirth, but it remains loosened afterwards because of the effects of hormones, which makes it easier to strain or injure muscles and ligaments.

With Ms. R, we believe her lower back was under great strain from the strenuous postures involved in holding a baby or changing diapers, while Ms. R’s abdominal muscles were weak and unable to provide adequate support.

In addition, Ms. R had hip-joint pain due to distortion of the pelvis.


Given the causes, J-CLINIC’s treatment for Ms. R comprised:
1. Deep-tissue massage to relax muscle tension and adjust body balance
2. High-voltage electric therapy for pain relief
3. Pelvic correction
4. Taping to support the lower back
5. Stretches for the hip-joint area

▼ Deep-tissue massage

▼ Pelvic correction

▼ Taping

Ms. R came to J-CLINIC once or twice a week for three months until she recovered.

As with herniated discs, most back pain arises from weakness of the abdominal muscles. Strengthening the inner and core muscles is indispensable to tackle the root cause of pain. For postpartum moms, returning the pelvis to the correct position early is another way to prevent back pain.

If you suffer from backaches in Bangkok, contact us for a consultation!

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