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Chinese Footbath to Relieve Insomnia, Coldness, and Stress|J-CLINIC’s Self-Care Products

Hello, I am Dr. Nut, doctor of Chinese medicine at Bangkok J-CLINIC.

Do you know about Chinese footbaths?

They are great for self-care and relaxing. And you can now enjoy Chinese footbath at home with the herbal packs at J-CLINIC!


Warming your feet in a footbath improves blood flow, stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system (the system that relaxes your body), and puts you in a relaxed state.


I recommend them for people who suffer from insomnia, sensitivity to cold, or menstrual cramps and for anyone who is stressed and needs help relaxing.


J-CLINIC’s Chinese footbath contains 12 kinds of herbal medicines



350B for a pack of 5 (tax included). Available at all three J-CLINIC locations.


What are the benefits of Chinese footbaths?


Chinese footbaths can


How to enjoy a Chinese herbal footbath at home


Preparing the Chinese footbath at home is easy.

  1.  Take a basin or tub that you can fit both feet into and fill it with hot water (enough to submerge your feet up to your ankles).
  2.  Put in the Chinese herbal pack and let it steep in the hot water.
  3. Wait until the water reaches a pleasant warm temperature that’s not too hot.
  4. Put your feet in and let them soak for 10-15 minutes. Do not soak for more than 30 minutes. A cold footbath is ineffective.
  5. You can wipe the water from your feet when you get out.

* I recommend you take a footbath before going to bed. It will warm your body and help you fall asleep.
* One pack can be used several times, for 2-3 days .





For more information about the Chinese herbal footbaths, please contact us by phone, email, or Facebook. We’re happy to answer your questions!