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Get treatment for your shoulder impingement syndrome at J-CLINIC in Bangkok

Hello, this is Sato from J-CLINIC, a physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Bangkok.

We’ve talked about some of the shoulder treatments we offer. In this post, let me talk about shoulder impingement syndrome and how to treat it.


Impingement syndrome


What is impingement syndrome?

Impingement syndrome is when the rotator cuff or subacromial bursa (the fluid-filled sac that protects your rotator cuff) is trapped or rubs (“impinges”) against the top outer edge of your shoulder blade (the acromion).

When you have impingement syndrome, it will be painful for you to raise your arm . You may also feel like something is caught in your shoulder.


A front view of right shoulder

Impingement syndrome is caused by overuse of the shoulder

Impingement syndrome comes from repeated irritation of the shoulder joint. It’s common among athletes who overuse their shoulders in sports like tennis and badminton (serves and smashes), swimming (crawl and butterfly), volleyball (serves and spikes), and baseball (pitching).

A tennis player is smashing


Common symptoms of impingement syndrome

If you have impingement syndrome, you may experience pain when you:


Raising arms and hanging out laundries



Our treatments for shoulder impingement syndrome


Manual treatment

Manual treatment

Motion and manipulation

Ultrasound and high voltage therapy

Motion and manipulation





Taping therapy

Taping therapy



Taping therapy


Training and self-care guidance

* Strengthening the inner shoulder muscles (rotator cuff) using a TheraBand.
Strengthening the inner shoulder muscles


* Relaxing the muscles around the shoulder with a massage ball. Your muscle flexibility is reduced after a sprain. To prevent spraining your muscles again, it’s

Relaxing the muscles around the shoulder with a massage ball

TheraBands and massage balls are available at our clinic.


If you suffer from shoulder impingement syndrome in Bangkok, we invite you to get in touch with us by phone, email, Facebook.


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