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Post-surgery rehabilitation at J-CLINIC in Bangkok

Hello, my name is Sato and I run J-CLINIC, a physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Bangkok.

Today, I will talk about post-surgery rehabilitation. At J-CLINIC, we offer rehabilitation therapy after you have such surgeries as for herniated discs (slipped disc) or for knee injuries like anterior cruciate ligament injuries and meniscal tears.

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For these types of injuries, surgery is not the end of the story. You need rehabilitation to make sure that your problems don’t recur.


 Rehabilitation therapy at J-CLINIC

1. For pain or numbness in your affected areas, you’ll get a deep tissue massage to relax the muscles and high-voltage electric therapy and acupuncture to ease your pain.

2. To help you regain your range of motion in the joints, you’ll undergo motion and manipulation therapy.

3. To improve weak or stiff muscles, you’ll be shown how to do exercises to increase strength and stretches to restore muscle and joint flexibility.


Manual therapy(Deep tissue massage)



Motion & manipulation (M&M)


Our unique treatment uses movement to help loosen muscles that have stiffened into ‘trigger points’. This method allows faster release of the trigger points, and is thus most effective for treating frozen shoulders and knee pains.




Acupuncture improves blood flow to the stiff muscle tissue that is causing you pain and limiting your range of motion. The improved blood flow will flush out the pain-producing substances collecting in the stiff areas. It also relieves tension in joints and muscle ligaments, giving you better a range of motion and relief from pain.


Ultrasound and high voltage therapy


Ultrasound and high voltage therapy promotes cellular repair. It speeds up healing and relieves pain.


Advice for stretching / training


After the pain goes down, we will teach you exercises that you can do at home and self-care tips to prevent your injury from recurring.


Details of our physical therapy treatment

Your treatment will be adjusted to match your condition through the initial, middle, and final recovery phases.

A patient case: Rehabilitation after disc hernia surgery

Six months ago, Mr. E (male, in his 40s) suffered disc herniation and underwent surgery on his 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae.


By the time he decided to consult J-CLINIC, Mr. E was also experiencing numbness from his right buttock to the right hamstring.

After being discharged from the hospital, Mr. E went back to work. But over the next two months, his back pain gradually returned.

Mr. E told us, “I want to get rid of the pain and numbness and become physically strong enough to handle sitting for long periods of time.” We created his treatment plan based on these goals.


By the end of the three months, Mr. E ‘graduated’ from rehabilitation.


Mr. E came to J-CLINIC twice a week for two months, after which he continued therapy and rehabilitation once a week for a month.

He continues to regularly stretch and do his strength-building exercises at home, while dropping by J-CLINIC for maintenance treatment a few times a month.

If you’re considering post-surgery rehabilitation for your lower back and knees in Bangkok, do contact us 🙂


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