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J-CLINIC for treatment of shoulder muscle sprain in Bangkok

Treating shoulder pain is one of our clinic’s strengths. In this post, we’ll talk about shoulder muscle sprain.


What is muscle sprain?

Muscle sprain happens when you slam or forcibly stretch your muscle or tendon. Your injury could range from light overstretching to complete tearing of the muscle tissue. Depending on how severe your injury is, you could experience pain and swelling. You may also be unable to use the injured muscle.

Common causes of shoulder muscle sprains

Shoulder muscle sprains are commonly caused by
• lifting heavy objects
• sudden and violent movement of the shoulder
• contact sports such as martial arts and rugby, in which the shoulder is hit

Common symptoms of shoulder muscle sprains

When you have a shoulder muscle sprain, you will experience pain, such as when changing clothes or scratching your back.


Our treatments for muscle sprains

Manual treatment

Manual treatment will relax the tension in your superficial shoulder muscles and deep trigger points to improve your body balance.

Motion and manipulation

Motion and manipulation will improve the range of motion of your shoulder joints. It also improves elasticity while relieving soft tissue adhesions and stiffness.

Ultrasound and high voltage therapy

Ultrasound and high voltage therapy promotes cellular repair. It speeds up healing and relieves pain.


Acupuncture improves blood flow to the stiff muscle tissue that is causing you pain and limiting your range of motion. The improved blood flow will flush out the pain-producing substances collecting in the stiff areas. It also relieves tension in joints and muscle ligaments, giving you better a range of motion and relief from pain.


Taping therapy

Taping supports the bruised area to prevent further injuries.


We can also prescribe poultices to help relieve your pain.


Training and self-care guidance

After the pain goes down, we will teach you exercises that you can do at home and self-care tips to prevent your injury from recurring.

* Strengthening the inner shoulder muscles (rotator cuff) using a TheraBand.


* Relaxing the muscles around the shoulder with a massage ball. Your muscle flexibility is reduced after a sprain. To prevent spraining your muscles again, it’s important to do self-care exercises at home once your symptoms have improved.

TheraBands and massage balls are available at our clinic.


If you suffer from shoulder muscle sprains in Bangkok, we invite you to get in touch with us by phone, email, Facebook.


📞For Booking

・Phrom Phong: 097-257-3577
・Thonglor: 084-424-1299
・Ekkamai: 097-245-7863


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Our branches in Sukhumvit road

🔷Phrom Phong Branch (Sukhumvit 31, RSU Tower Floor4)

J-CLINIC Phrom Phong Branch

From BTS Phrom Phong Station, take Exit 5 and walk along Sukhumvit towards Asoke for about 5 minutes. RSU Tower will be on your right. Take the escalator up to Floor 4 and you will see us right in front of you. If you are coming by car, parking is available at RSU Tower and is free up to 2 hours when you are treated at J-CLINIC.


🔷 Thonglor Branch (Soi Thonglor 13, Home Place building Basement Level)

J-CLINIC Thonglor Branch

Our Thonglor clinic is on the basement level of Home Place Building, at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 55 and Thonglor Soi 13.
If you are coming by BTS, please take a taxi from BTS Thonglor Station, Exit 3.
If you are coming by car, parking is available at Home Place Building and is free up to 4 hours when you are treated at J-CLINIC.


🔷 Ekkamai Branch (Sukhumvit 42, Bangkok Mediplex Floor 3)

J-CLINIC Ekkamai Branch

Bangkok Mediplex is a general medical mall on Sukhumvit Soi 42, across from Gateway Ekkamai and directly connected to BTS Ekkamai Station. J-CLINIC Ekkamai branch will be on the 3rd floor of Mediplex.
If you come from BTS Ekkamai Station, go through exit 2. It connects directly to Bangkok Mediplex. Take the escalator up to the 3rd floor and you will see our clinic on your right.