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Treating frozen shoulder in Bangkok

Hi, this is Ble from J-CLINIC Ekkamai branch in Bangkok.

“I can’t lift my arms.” “My shoulder hurts, whether or not I move it.” These are symptoms of frozen shoulder, an ailment that becomes more common as one reaches middle-age and above.

Today, I’ll talk about how J-CLINIC treats frozen shoulder, using an example of a client who couldn’t play golf anymore because of frozen shoulder.

If you have frozen shoulder, you might find that:
You can’t lift your arms as you’d like.
Your shoulder hurts.
You can’t reach your back with your arm.
・When you turn over in your sleep, the pain wakes you up.
・When you raise your arms, such as when washing your hair, it hurts.

Are any of these familiar to you?

Let’s now look at an actual case.

[A patient case]
Mr. H (51 years old, five years in Thailand) came to our clinic complaining of shoulder pain that made it difficult for him to raise his arms, even to change his shirt, and he couldn’t swing his golf club like he wanted.

He endured the pain for about three weeks but came to J-CLINIC because he worried that the pain might affect his work and golf-playing.

We determined that Mr. H’s pain was caused by:
Age-induced degeneration of the shoulder-joint area
Reduced ligament flexibility
・Inflammation of the shoulder-joint

In addition, fatigue had accumulated on Mr. H’s shoulders from golfing every weekend.

Because Mr. H wasn’t in the habit of exercising other than playing golf, his abdominal muscles were weak and his body was stiff. Mr. H also commuted two hours every day by car. The long hours of sitting pressured Mr. H’s lower body and disrupted his body balance.

Given the causes, J-CLINIC’s treatment for Mr. H comprised:
1. Massage to relax muscle tension
2. High-voltage electric therapy for pain relief
3. Motion & manipulation therapy to improve his range of motion
4. Rehabilitation
5. Advice on stretching and other exercises

▼ Watch our root cause treatments

For the first three weeks while the pain was strong, Mr. H came to J-CLINIC twice a week for treatment. Once the pain subsided, he also started stretches and strength-building in parallel with treatment to prevent the pain from recurring.

Thanks to the treatment, Mr. H recovered to the point that he could resume golf.

If you delay treating your frozen shoulder for too long, however, symptoms may worsen and affect not only your work and hobbies but also daily life activities such as getting dressed and washing your hair.

We thus recommend you get an early evaluation if you suffer from frozen shoulder.

And when once you start treatment, don’t stop just because the pain is gone. Be patient and continue with treatment until your frozen shoulder is completely cured.

If you think you might have frozen shoulder, contact us at J-CLINIC.

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