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Postpartum pelvic correction course | J-CLINIC Physical therapy treatment

Hello, my name is Sato and I run J-CLINIC, a physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Bangkok.

In this post, I’ll talk about our pelvic correction course.

J-CLINIC’s pelvic correction therapy can help by returning your pelvis to its normal state. Your attention may be all on baby, but postpartum moms need care too!


Why does your body shape change after childbirth?

When the pelvic joint remains open, the muscles in the area may not function normally. Your basic metabolism goes down and extra fat easily accumulates around your lower torso.



“I can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.” “I get terrible back pain since giving birth.” Sound familiar?


If you are trying to lose the baby weight, returning the pelvis to its normal condition first can help increase your basic metabolism.



Why does the pelvis become distorted after childbirth?

At birth, the hormone relaxin allows the pelvic joint to open easily and lets the baby’s head, which is about 10 cm in diameter, to pass through.




If the pelvic joint remains open…


Treatment details

  1. Assessment interview


    Moire topography scanner.

  2. Manual therapy & Ultrasound therapy


    Relax muscle tension with massage & ultrasound therapy; relieve pain by electric therapy.


  3. Pelvic correction


    Gently correct the pelvis using blocks (Sacrum Occipital Technique) & the patient’s own weight.


  4. Training advice


    Advice on inner muscle training & good posture for pelvic stability.

  5. Post-treatment debriefing: Discuss your post-treatment condition & follow-up treatment.


Video for the postpartum pelvic correction course



Q. How soon can I start pelvic correction after giving birth? Does it hurt??

A. You can start treatment 6 weeks after vaginal birth and about 2-3 months after c-section, depending on your condition. We use the gentle ‘Sacrum Occipital Technique’, so no, it won’t hurt.


Q. It’s been over a year since I had my baby. Can I still undergo pelvic correction?

A. Yes, you can. We’ve had clients as late as 2 years after childbirth, who reported good effects of treatment. Best, though, to start treatment within 3 to 6 months after birth, as the pelvic joint is still pliable and easy to correct.


Q. Can I lose weight by pelvic correction alone?

A. Returning the pelvic joint to its correct position can help improve your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight, but it does not remove fat by itself.



Treatment fee

First session: Regular price: B 2,100(Initial visit fee B500, Treatment fee  B1,600)

If you are interested in treatment of postpartum pelvic correction in Bangkok, get in touch with us by phone, email or Facebook.


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