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Get your calf muscle strain treated at J-CLINIC in Bangkok

Hello, this is Sato from the physical therapy department at J-CLINIC Bangkok.

In this post, I’m going to introduce our clinic’s treatments for calf muscle strains .



When you tear your calf muscle, you’ll feel extreme pain. Some people may hear a “snap” the moment the muscle tears .


Calf muscle strains are an injury often seen among people who play sports that involve jumping, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton.



Gastrocnemius muscles


Causes of calf muscle strains/tears

Calf muscle strains/tears are commonly caused by


Common symptoms of torn calf muscles

If you have torn your calf muscles, you may experience


J-CLINIC’S Treatment for Torn/Strained Calf Muscles


Manual treatment

Manual treatment will relax the tension in your calf muscles and deep trigger points to improve your body balance.


Motion and manipulation

Motion and manipulation will improve the range of motion of your hip, knee, and ankle joints.


It also improves elasticity while relieving soft tissue adhesions and stiffness.



Ultrasound and high voltage therapy

Ultrasound and high voltage therapy promote cellular repair.


It speeds up healing and relieves pain.



Acupuncture improves blood flow to the stiff muscle tissue.


It relieves tension in your joints and muscle ligaments, gives you a better range of motion, and eases your pain.


Taping therapy

Taping supports the damaged area to prevent further injuries.


Taping therapy for calf muscle strain



Poultices help relieve your pain.

Training and self-care guidance

After the pain eases, we will show you exercises to do at home and self-care tips to prevent repeat injuries. For example:


– Calf raises: Place a pilates ball between your knees, then raise and lower your heels to strengthen the gastrocnemius muscle (the big muscle at the back of your lower leg).



Use a Thera-Band to stretch and strengthen the gastrocnemius muscles.



Use massage balls to relieve stiffness of the gastrocnemius muscle and improve flexibility of the ankle joint.



If you suffer from a strained/torn calf muscles or other leg injuries in Bangkok, we invite you to contact us by phone, email, or Facebook.


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